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Corporate Responsibility
pursue our objectives through the respect of others …

The changes in the market have encouraged the Group to adopt a modern and avant-garde organisation, based on active collaboration between owners, executives, department coordinators and operators.
Carrara has always operated in such a way as to guarantee the following to its staff, collaborators, customers and suppliers:

  • a sense of responsibility
  • constructive collaboration
  • efficiency and efficacy

Lastly, Carrara asserts its social and environmental responsibility as it considers these principles essential for achieving corporate objectives. In order to reaffirm its commitment to the defined ethical principles, the company has adopted a code of ethical conduct, as a fundamental instrument for disseminating and promoting the same principles.

Observing standards, laws and regulations. Human dignity by safeguarding the integrity of the person. Preventing child labour. People opportunities, banning any type of discrimination. Health and safety at work guarantees.
Absolute confidentiality guarantee...

These are some of the points laid down for a truly sustainable future...

This vocation is expressed by means of a series of certifications which Carrara is committed to achieving over time: